How many users can I have at my hotel?
You may have unlimited users during your trial. Our standard subscription will allow up to 15 users. There are other plans that will allow for more.

How do I add my users?
From the iPad click on the key machine, From the iPhone, click on Setup or from the web portal, go to Setup then My Staff click Add. You can also always Email [email protected], [email protected] or call us through toll free number 844-509-8458, we will walk you through.

Is Hotel Front Desk easy to use?
Absolutely! We designed this app to be simple yet effective.

What devices are currently supported for Hotel Front Desk?
iPhone5 or newer, iPad and iPod

Is there an android version?
Yes- it was live as of Spring 2015.

Is there training provided?
We’ve made our app so easy to use that we didn’t feel a training session was necessary. But if at any time you have questions, we are happy to help, just email us [email protected].

I cannot seem to connect to Hotel Front Deskon my mobile app, what do I do?
Usually caused by your phone’s internet connection, so first try restarting your phone. Secondly, verify your wifi is on and airplane mode is off. If we are experiencing connection issues, you can check our website, we will have live updates there.


Action To Do: Use this when action is required by staff or something imperative needs to be done overall.

Arrivals Request: Used when a guest has a request that needs to be completed prior to their arrival; typically items found in reservation comments (crib in room; extra pillows).

Guest Delivery: When a request has been made to deliver an item to a guestroom. (wedding/family reunion welcome bags).

Guest Issue: Used for a guest complaint, issue, or item that requires attention.

Guest Packages: When a guest has mail/packages waiting for a guests’ arrival.

Meeting Room: Use this to outline all details for a specific meeting room booking.

No Show Issue: This is to flag management to look into a customer that was a no show.

Reservation Request: When a customer has a special circumstance requiring additional attention; ideal for vip guests needing to reserve during high volume dates.

Room Change: When the guaranteed room type is not available; alters staff to make appropriate changes; can be used to flag housekeeping or maintenance that there is a potential issue within a guest room.

Sales Lead: A basic form used for any possible booking, group or meeting space, requires a follow up.

Supply Needed: Used by all staff to indicate that items are needed; front desk supplies, breakfast, maintenance, etc…

Action Required: An open item that requires attention and assignment.

Completed: A closed item has been satisfied, completed, and reviewed by management.

In Progress: An open item that is being attended to or needs more information/work.

New: A recently opened item that requires management review before further action is initiated.

Pending Review: Status is used before placing into Completed for management review.

High: An important item that requires attention.

Low: A basic item that allows for time.

Standard: Majority of issues; these are typically handled in a normal amount of time before a standard check in time.

Urgent: A guest request that needs to be taken care of immediately to ensure their satisfaction.

Floor Plans:
This app has been loaded with 5 generic room types. This feature can be used to pinpoint specific areas within a guest room.

Capability to load all current vendors used at your hotel.

Customization Features:
This app allows for a fully customizable version to fulfill your specific hotels needs.